A local movie producer contacted us once for some marketing and promotional ideas. His movie was well received by some of the country's toughest movie critics and the only thing he's left to do it let the public know about it. Independent movie producers like him faces a very arduous-almost-losing competition with the mainstream movies. More often than not, movies like these end up being shelved or a very limited direct to DVD release.

Our job was to organize a local screening of the movies for five days and release the movie in DVD depending on the people's reception. We took the challenge and decided to utilize even the wackiest promotional ideas. Let's give out candies on the premier night, I said - promotional sweets, let's make use of it.

To start things off, we scheduled a movie venue screening in one of the best theaters in the city. It is an independent art cinema but it boosts the designs and features of a large movie franchise cinema - perfect location for the movie. During this time, we also send our orders for promotional sweets to a local candy shop.

We invited casts and crew members to join the movie premier. We instructed them to promote the movie in their own circle of friends and posts messages in their social networking accounts. Harnessing the power of these websites like Facebook and Twitter will be very beneficial. We also told then to post freebies like promotional sweets will be given on the venue.

In addition, we also invited more movie reviewers and the local print media. The media must know about the premier in advance. So we sent them an invitation with the tickets and some promotional sweets. Inviting the media is a free publicity and will definitely help a lot in marketing the movie. This is a safe move if you are confident that your movie will be well received by the audience.

We also prepared some movie merchandise like postcards from the peak scenes of the movie, bookmarks, shirts, and promotional sweets. The filmmakers can earn extra money though this and will help with the marketing overhead cost.